Every year STEALER re-sizes existing sunglasses to kid versions, and releases them in a limited quantity.
Followed by HORIZON KIDS, ILLUSION KIDS, and NEW SPOT KIDS that are originated from best models of regular sunglasses,
this 2019 kid edition will be the design from the new 19 S/S collection model FUZZ.

STEALER’s fourth kid edition FUZZ KIDS. We reveal the behind story with our kid Model Carla.


The existing model FUZZ is STEALER’s ultra-lightweight lines which we call STEALER Air Series. It is made lighter with beta steel material.

It is very light like air and has a comfortable fitting. Since it came out, people have loved Its moderate wellington shape design that is perfect for wearing it daily. Moreover, it has always been a hot issue because many celebrities wear it. 


 FUZZ KIDS, which is re-designed for 5-12-year-old kids, is also featured with a thin beta steel material frame. 

It is not simply down-sized from the existing model, but it, of course, has excellent durability and is changed to acetate tips in order to provide kids comfortable fitting.

Moreover, the only 10g of its unique weight and clean design without unnecessity make it easy to match with any looks.

Among FUZZ’s five colors, the kid version comes only in three best-selling colors [black, gold, and silver] in limited editions. With color variation, create various moods. 


The font representing STEALER’s aesthetic taste and blue and grey colors as STEALER’S symbol are applied to the package design.

For the case, to continue STEALER’s mood, it is not focused only to be cute, but it is intended to be more luxurious with toned down blue color dyed leather material. The smooth texture and durability of selected synthetic leather allow kids to carry it everywhere conveniently, and relieve concerns of injuries.    

The photo shoot of STEALER’S fourth edition FUZZ KIDS was done under the concept NEW AIR.

Light like air, Comfortable, and Modern STEALER Air series FUZZ KIDS! Meet light STEALER’S KIDS EDITION than ever. 

This is not the first time STEALER was together with this adorable kid model Carla. It is no exaggeration to say that she grew up with STEALER. 

 As Carla has been together with STEALER from the beginning of the kid edition, she understands and knows how to express STEALER’s identity. We reveal her behind-cut of FUZZ KIDS shooting the first time.


Appreciate Carla’s behind cut. During the shooting in hot weather, she keeps stylish look with wearing lighter and comfortable FUZZ KIDS sunglass. 


If you can see Carla’s fresh day, how about presenting cool and light summer with FUZZ KIDS to your loving kids. Complete a family look with FUZZ and FUZZ KIDS, and enjoy stylish and harmonious summer vacation!

Anticipate next STEALER’s kids edition and various future steps.