Under the slogan ‘STEEL BY STEALER’, STEALER has developed unique branding and designs.
We are going to talk about the steel materials and quality as the brand keyword.

Steel which has high strength and rigidity is easy to be transformed, and it is interesting material in a way that it can have various properties

 by controlling the content of carbon.   

STEALER has tried in all aspects to reinterpret steel with an in-depth and unbiased view 

 by applying the infinite expandability of steel to eyewear.

 STEALER put so much effort into improving the quality particularly on 19SS collection by making the best use of steel material.

 The durability and wearability of eyewear are considered more important than those of clothing and any other accessories because 

 it is worn frequently, and touched on your skin directly. STEALER is made of a high-quality material, which strengthens the level of 

 wearing comfort for a longer period and better durability to the products. 

 ‘Pure Beta Titanium’ lines are newly released. They are made only of beta titanium and titanium materials which are 

 non-allergic reactive and strong enough to use in making airplanes and space rockets.

 The temples and frames of STEALER’s distinguishing 19SS sunglasses ‘FLOW’ are crafted with ‘Pure and Beta Titanium’ that 

 allow the sunglasses to have light-weight, elasticity, and durability without corrosion.

As the frame gets lighter like a paper, you may concern that the center of gravity leans toward the lens. However,

 it is designed not to occur that case by STEALER’s unique and ergonomic techniques.

 Minimizing touched surface on ears and making the end of temples thicker spread the center of gravity. 

 With these overall balanced design aspects, eyewear is allowed to have spectacular comfort of wearing.

 Moreover, the end of temples is designed to face the outside of a face, which doesn’t touch the face directly. 

 The durability is also enhanced by the application of the water-resistance coating technique.                   

The titanium made nose pads that have STEALER’s identity are manufactured with IP gold plating, 

 which is known as the ion plating method in order to strengthen the coating and lightness because they are touching skins.

The IP gold plating technique is durable and hardly modified without peeling. 

 It is often applied to high-end watches, glasses, and accessories. 

 It is different from typical gold plating for its stronger heat-resistance and durability. 

You can check all these described features on STEALER ‘PLUS’. 

 In the 19SS collection, STEALER’s best-selling optical styles  ‘MOMENTUM’ and ‘MYSTIC’ are recreated to PLUS versions.

  Newly re-designed ‘MOMENTUM’ and ‘MYSTIC’ are designed better stable proportion and structure. 

 Also, the bending temples are made of ‘Beta Titanium’. ‘Beta Titanium’ made temples with better elasticity and 

 strength becomes thinner and lighter with having an ergonomic design, strengthened coating, high durability and 

 enhanced the level of the comfortable fitting.  

Likewise, with the base of this attractive steel, STEALER has researched and strived to 

 show optimized eyewear for everyone. You can see STEALER’s achievement resulted from the in-depth study and effort.  

 Please, keep your eyes on STEALER’s future steps. 

 STEALER will show you its development, differentiated design, and better quality.