We are introducing classic VINTAGE edition which represents STEALER's yesterday, today and tomorrow.
This vintage edition is STEALER’s high sensitivity .
collection that uses steel to show a classical design combined with modern vintage to reveal a twist.

VINTAGE edition is released as HOLLY, LODESTONE, and CARTER 

as you can feel its vintage sensitivity by their names. 


Beta titanium and stainless steels are used to give light-weight and a great durability. 

 Strong line of curves and flat front shape represent STEALER's classical design. 


1. Narrow Polygon Shaped :

CARTER, making the most of vintage

 characteristic with narrow polygon shapes

2. New Pattern / 18K Gold Plated / Mother of Pearl Nose Pads :

harmony of 18K gold and whitegold plated on titanium frame, 

 high quality mateiral such as mother-of-pearl is used for frame HOLLY. 

3. Nose Saddle Bridge :

Saddle bridge of LODESTONE provides classical mood and comfortable fitting.

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You can feel vintage sensitivity and its design not only in the 

products but also in its package.


Meet the new vintage edition package that is different from regular STEALER package.


With vintage edition, STEALER will show the world what Classic unbounded by time is.